Monday, August 19, 2013

Toffees release debut LP record 'Room with a View'

The UK rock trio known as Toffees have released their debut LP record album, “Room with a View.” The album is comprised of 10 original tracks for a total playing time of approximately 41 minutes. The album is a classy, tastefully written record that blends indie sensibilities with a post-punk spirit and a Brit-pop style. Striking a beautiful balance between heartfelt sincerity and devil-may-care fun, “Room with a View” by Toffees serves as a fantastic introduction to this intelligent and vivacious crew of rock performers.

Formed by the triumvirate of Mj Lewis, Piers Nolan and Ryan Bailey, Toffees is only two years old as a project, yet in this short time they've crafted a spot-on, full-length release, as well as an official music video for “The End Begins” that is debonaire, clever and charming (and for which drummer Bailey may deserve an Academy Award nomination).

The chemistry between Toffees members is palpable, undeniable, and dynamic. Their songwriting chops are impeccable, each song having its own character apart from the others and every riff sounding fresh and original. Their tone is perhaps the most finely tuned aspect of the band, giving them the air of studio professionals with decades of experience honing the perfect sound, yet neither Lewis, Nolan, nor Bailey have celebrated a twentieth birthday.

Toffees cite as main artistic influences the likes of The Beatles, Paramore, Noel Gallagher (Oasis), and Crowded House, all of whom have lent attributes to the Toffees' sonic identity. In addition to these, “Room with a View” also recalls certain elements of Violent Femmes, Libertines, Gin Blossoms, and Deep Blue Something, and indeed even a touch of Green Day.

Speaking candidly of their impetus for writing their debut LP, Toffees writes, “We want to put across that you don’t have to choose between music with an edge and music that’s catchy with a good chorus. We make upbeat, positive music that can also make you think.”

With a debut record of this quality kicking off what is certain to be a sterling, rocket-ship music career, it's hard to restrain one's excitement for all the Toffees albums to come, but the present offering of “Room with a View” is an absolute must-hear for audiophiles everywhere that is sure to slake the listener's thirst – at least for a little while.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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