Thursday, August 15, 2013

Amber Doss releases new self-titled EP

The singer-songwriter known as Amber Doss has released her new solo EP, self-titled, “Amber Doss.” A collection of her most recent six original tracks, it is comprised of approximately 21 minutes' worth of excellent listening time. The record is the most significant official release from Doss to date, and is a record no fan of gorgeous music should miss.

“Amber Doss” is populated with elements of jazz, blues, funk, soul, and much more. Doss' powerful singing voice takes center stage and maintains an extremely high level of quality throughout the record. Her magnificent ability, professional skill and impressive range are balanced carefully with a tasteful restraint that is rare to find in such a naturally gifted singer, resulting in vocals strong enough for Broadway, but innovative enough to belong in the audiophile's cherished record collection. This unlikely blend of talents comes from a lifetime in various expert musical capacities.

Doss cites as main artistic influences a list of legends, including Claude Debussy, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Anita Baker, The Temptations, Jill Scott, Pharrell Williams / N.E.R.D, Alicia Keys, Hillsong United, Gungor, Jimi Hendrix, Leontyne Price, and more.

She says of this roster, “The list goes on and on, way too many to name. I listen to most genres of music and I think it comes out a lot in my writing style.”

The experienced music listener will agree that the variety of tones and surprising, eclectic turns her movements, chord progressions and individual phrases can take do indeed bespeak a profound music appreciation on the part of the artist. This in turn points to her impetus for making music to begin with, about which she speaks modestly and candidly, commenting:

“I’ve always wanted to be a singer. I started singing when I was 4. I used to sing a lot in church, at school, and around the house. Eventually my parents placed me into a children’s choir and I began getting involved in plays as well. I started writing music on the piano when I was about 11 years old. Since then, I’ve never looked back. Music is a part of me.

This album is more of a small introduction of myself and my music/writing style. I guess overall, I want the listener to be encouraged, be strong, and to know that he or she can accomplish their dreams, that he or she can overcome.”

Her music's main theme is very clear, also.

“Most importantly,” she writes, “above all – choose love.”

In addition to being an accomplished singer and songwriter, Doss is also a recognized composer and dancer. She has been singing before an audience since the age of four. At 11 she played in Northwestern University's famous Waa-Mu show. High school found her in an array of lead and solo roles in the performing arts. She was a signature singer with U. of Illinois' acclaimed Black Chorus, and has performed singing in the German, French, and Italian languages. Appropriately, she has played in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Canada, and toured with the 2008-'09 production of “Jesus Christ, Superstar,” starring Ted Neeley. She has a BA in music from University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

“Amber Doss” by Amber Doss is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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