Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Electronica artist Greks releases debut EP 'See It My Way'

The composer of digital music known only as Greks has released his debut EP record, “See It My Way,” to glowing fan and critical reviews. The album has been released on the Swarma Indica music label. Comprised of five wholly original, new tracks for an approximate total playing time of half an hour, “See It My Way” is a round introduction to this remarkable soundsmith and music artist.

Greks' debut EP melds all the traditional subgenres of digital music into an amalgam of his own. House, deep house, trance, ambient, and other digital schools are well represented. His tracks are more than the usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus formula, which overused trend has even been adopted by the dubstep class of digital musicians of late. Rather, each track on “See It My Way” is a personal experience that Greks is able to communicate to the listener, and in which the listener can live and move around for awhile. It is a visceral, interactive listening trip that feels not so much like an altered state of consciousness as it does a broadened, heightened sense of creativity and imagination. The EP is excellent for any circumstance, be it dancing, driving, walking about town or even studying.

Part of the reason for Greks' ability to blend his wild compositions with the “real” world experience is perhaps his long experience DJing at live competitions.

“I Began writing music in 2003 after promoting and playing sets at Perth's long running 'Signal 2 Noise' night,” recalls Greks nostalgically. “It was a grassroots, weekly night held in a dingy bar on the north side of town. We had local DJs and live electronic sets weekly, and had to share the building with the rock and roll, flannel-wearing pool teams who competed on the same night as ours.”

Intuitively, these meetups resulted in a touch of chaos when these disparate cultures inevitably clashed.

“It was always funny when a lost, drunk bogan found himself staring over a desk of synthesizers, trying to headbang to live electronica! Alas, it was a great place for young fellas like myself and other budding producers to share knowledge and perform in front of a forgiving crowd.”

Speaking of the feel and theme of his debut EP album, Greks is clear and direct. Plainly, the artist sculpted the record from a crystalline vision in his mind.

“I wanted to share a collection of tracks which tell a story and take you on a bit of a journey,” he writes. “What I didn't want was to bring out a 1st release that pigeonholed myself or the label. All of my music is a reflection of my feelings, challenges and triumphs at the time, so it delves into deep, dubby textures and glitchy elements which can make you jump up and get your body moving as well.”

Before the first track is over, the astute listener gets the distinct impression that nothing about “See It My Way” is accidental. It is as precisely orchestrated as a NASA rocket launch, and much more genuine in its artistic integrity.

“It's important for me to be true to my music and not follow anyone else's agenda,” he says. “I need to do it my way – hence the title of the EP.”

Electronica fans have a thing of beauty to look forward to in Greks' first release, and there's no point in waiting. “See It My Way” by Greks is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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