Wednesday, August 14, 2013

E Man and Hippie Klan release new single 'Hippie Klan Project'

The rap collaboration known in the underground scene as E Man and Hippie Klan have released their newest hip hop single, titled, “Hippie Klan Project.” Like the prominent line from their single says, the Hippie Klan has absolutely no negative energy. A positive, upbeat set of rhymes and lines spat over old-school beats with a jazzy, classy groove, “Hippie Klan Project” is set to prove to the world that these bad boys of urban poetry work extremely well together and have a sparkling, exciting career in hip hop ahead of them.

Fronted by E Man (often stylized Eman or E-Man) and sporting the mad talents of Hippie Klan, the “Hippie Klan Project single actually includes three tracks, including “High Class Living,” which features the skills of fellow hip hop hero, Tru Stoner, “Roll Up,” featuring the talents of Hippie Klan friend Kevin Black, and “Club Lust.” This trio of power packed tracks are enough to set any audiophile's ears on fire, every foot to tapping, every head to nod, but the evident truth is that this can only be the beginning.

Though Hippie Klan and E Man have certainly been in circulation among the underground hip hop venues and shows over the last few months, it remains likely that “Hippie Klan Project” will be the public introduction for many listeners to this fantastically gifted crew of rap titans. As a first taste, it presages a long, brilliant career for these young artists, one which will hopefully include an LP release in the coming months, as their legion of fans will almost certainly be clamoring for more until they get one. As it stands, “Hippie Klan Project” is an excellent, sterling release in its own right, and deserves the attention of every hip hop fan as soon as humanly possible.

“Hippie Klan Project” by Hippie Klan and E Man is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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