Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kaeli McArter releases new EP 'Leap'

The Canadian singer-songwriter known as Kaeli McArter has released her debut EP record, “Leap,” to beaming early reviews. The extended-play album includes four original tracks as well as an acoustic version of McArter's standout single, “Mistakes.” A stunning first introduction of McArter to the listening public, “Leap” stands as solid proof that the artist from Vancouver has skill, taste, and creativity in spades, as well as a brilliant career in music that is only just beginning.

McArter's songs are personal and intimate, her performance of them graceful and delicately feminine. Alternately, “Leap” also exhibits the edginess and verve of rock music, with which she contrasts her softer side. The tenderness of “Last Night,” a ballad co-penned by her father, Fraser McArter, is deeply moving and genuinely touching in both its folk-style, minimalistic composition and flawless, natural delivery. (An entirely unadorned video for “Last Night” featuring Kaeli McArter singing on the rocky Canadian coastline remains one of the most beautiful secret treasures of the Internet, still available for viewing at the time of this writing from her official website). Also collaborating with McArter from time to time is close friend and fellow lyricist, Lila Z. Rose.

Commenting on her musical roots, McArter writes, “I’m really lucky that my parents are musicians, so I grew up around music. They always encouraged me to sing, have fun making music, be creative and express myself.”

McArter cites as main artistic influences Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine, Muse, Sarah McLachlan, Adele, Santigold, and OneRepublic. That she places Regina Spektor first in the list is intuitive, as many parallels can be drawn between Spektor's music and her own, however McArter's voice is the more sonorous of the two at any rate.

When asked to describe the inherent message of her new record, “Leap,” McArter expounds on the title. “Life has its ups and downs,” she says, “but it’s important to take a chance on life, and to have faith that the sun will shine.”

“Leap” by Kaeli McArter is available online worldwide. Her autumn tour on the West Coast of the US will take her through Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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