Monday, August 26, 2013

Next Door Strangers release new LP 'Shoot the Cook'

The groundbreaking artists of alternative hip hop called Next Door Strangers have released their remarkable new LP, titled, “Shoot the Cook.” The record is comprised of 13 tracks for a total playing time of approximately 50 minutes. An uncompromising, standout release that demands the attention of audiophiles the world over, “Shoot the Cook” is not only uniquely magnificent, but quite possibly the first album of its kind ever to bump from speakers.

Next Door Strangers fit neither the conventional hip-hop nor rock genres, as they are somewhere in-between and include key elements of both – yet, to call them “rap rock” would be a horrible mistake, as they have nothing in common with those bands typically falling under that dubious banner. First and foremost, their music is rap, and there are excellent beats to back their witty and clever rhymes and lines, but their instrumentation is provided by a bevy of alternative rock elements, including guitars, bass, keys, and more. Their songs are largely written in the verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus tradition, and a great deal of their album make for excellent radio play.

Among the best tracks are the coolly sinister title track, “Shoot the Cook,” the flow and groove of “Burn This Slow,” the socially conscientious album opener, “See Sick,” and the stylish cruise anthem, “Cut the Scene.” With surgically precise lyrics and jackhammer delivery, every song on “Shoot the Cook” is an instant classic that has dramatically improved the state of music on planet Earth in general. In time, Next Door Strangers' “Shoot the Cook” album will almost certainly prove to be one of the most seminal and important records of this decade.

Next Door Strangers cite as main artistic influences an intuitively broad array of acts, including among others Tupac Shakur, Wu Tang Clan, Nine Inch Nails, and Nirvana. If one were to imagine what these four crews might sound like as an orchestra led by 'Pac, one would be close to the overall Next Door experience.

Speaking of the themes discussed in this record, Next Door Strangers write, “Consider the flip side of the status quo. Question everything. Admit your deeds and your dirt. Taste what’s beneath society’s veil of seasoning… Shoot the cook.”

“Shoot the Cook” by Next Door Strangers is available online everywhere. Get in early. This record is flawless, awesome, awe-inspiring and inspirational.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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