Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dafugadaheer releases new self-titled LP album

The rap duo known as Dafugadaheer has released their new self-titled LP record album, “Dafugadaheer” to rave critical and fan reviews. The album is comprised of 13 all-original, new tracks for an approximate total playing time of 45 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction for many new listeners to this powerful and evocative hip-hop pair.

Dafugadaheer (whose name when pronounced correctly sounds like '[get] the f--- out of here') is made up of underground Seattle hip-hop stars Dannie Wormwood and R.O.B. In addition to the homegrown talents of Dafugadaheer, themselves, their new LP record also includes the skills of fellow artists Props, Mystery One, Red Head Steve, Lace Cadence, Don Dishes, and Miguel Rockwell. Their record showcases all their old-school chops and cutting-edge ingenuity, as well as some of the best beats composed in the last decade. Fans of such legends as Outkast, UGK, Brotha Lynch Hung and Crooked I will not be disappointed with the tones and sounds of Dafugadaheer's official self-titled full length.

Speaking of the themes and topics of their new record, Dafugadaheer writes, “Dafugadaheer is an attitude, not an image. No gimmicks. No conforming, carefree.”

Like these principles, their music tends to be stripped down, no-nonsense, and unabashedly direct. Even in their most complexly orchestrated moments, their urban rhymes and lines stand out as the main attraction. Bells and whistles are not their thing. Additionally, their goal for this LP was to create an entire record of quality, rather than an excuse for a few Top 40 singles.

They focused on making a great album that can actually be played front to back,” writes a Dafugadaheer representative. “In the era of singles this is refreshing. Refusing to focus on 'hit' singles and gimmicks, the project comes across very sincerely and actually has mass appeal because of that.”

To hear the absolute success of this respectable endeavor, one has only to visit one of hundreds of online music outlets today.

Dafugadaheer” by Dafugadaheer is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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