Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Audio Intruder releases new single 'Electric'

The composer of electronic dance music from Canberra, Australia known as Audio Intruder has released his latest single, titled, “Electric.” It has been released on the Intruder Records music label. The track has a moderate length at 2:41 and is better than perfect for professional dee-jays hyping nightclub dance floors at midnight, and excellent for casual listening on night drives, as well. It is the most significant release from Audio Intruder since his hit single, “Feel It,” released in March of this year with an excellent (and extremely amusing) music video. Quite possibly the best material from Audio Intruder so far, “Electric” proves that AI is one of Australia's most fun, talented and tasteful digital songwriters today.

Audio Intruder's music is both accessible and cutting-edge, utilizing elements of old-school house music and comparatively new-school dubstep attributes, combined with gorgeous, sexy female vocals and clever lyrics. His unique style of EDM is remarkable in that it is energetic, electrifying and full of groove all by itself, yet still he goes the extra mile and showcases also the excellent performance of his vocalist, whose singing shines like the star at the top of the Christmas tree. His beats are strong, pulsing, driving and sure, his effects impeccably placed and used for nuance, not as a main attraction.

As EDM goes, very few artists are as tasteful and sharp in the execution of their rhythms and melodies as Audio Intruder. The sheer quality of this particular single, “Electric,” is inspirational, standing as proof that the popular subgenre can be more than just dance music. It can be art.

Speaking of the themes evident in “Electric,” Audio Intruder writes briefly, “Desire is a primal element in all of us. [This song] is simply an expression of one of the strongest human feelings we have all felt at one time or another in our lives.”

When asked to cite main artistic influences, he politely declines to name names. “I’m influenced by the things I see, hear and read every day,” he comments. “I’m influenced by great people who have achieved their successes through perseverance, determination, and by mastering their craft.”

“Electric” by Audio Intruder is available online worldwide. Be sure, too, to see his outstanding music video for “Feel It,” also available online.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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