Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Passion Perfected releases new EP 'R U Feelin' Me'

The singer and songwriter of soul and R 'n' B music known as Passion Perfected has released his latest EP record album, titled, “R U Feelin' Me,” to widespread critical and fan acclaim. The record is comprised of four all new original tracks, “Foolishness,” “Finally,” “R U Feelin' Me,” and “Crossroads,” for an approximate playing time of 20 minutes. It has been released by Passion Perfected Music Studios, LLC. A return to old school music sensibilities as well as a break from certain prudish bounds of tradition, “R U Feelin' Me” stands as proof of this remarkable singer - songwriter's talent and obviously cultivated passions.

The tone of “R U Feelin' Me” is one of class, cool, groove, and soulfulness. It is also a spacious, mellow record with passionate themes of love, mutual respect, sexual freedom, liberation, and healthy doses of hedonism. Jazz beats and some top notch singing on the part of passion Perfected, himself, make this album one no fan of old school soul should miss.

Speaking of the themes of his new record, Passion Perfected writes, “My music is very personal and speaks of relationships on various levels. Central to my music are the themes of love, intimacy and understanding.”

His musical background is both familial and professional in nature. “My father and brothers laid my musical foundation,” he explains. “The many artists and musicians with whom I have performed and associated have also helped me to polish my performance and to expand my repertoire.”

His obvious nods to the feminine mystique are plain to hear and feel in his unique, jazzy sound. His official bio comments on this candidly. “It is a sincere expression of his high regard for all women,” it reads, “deriving from the respect he continues to have for his own remarkable mother and late grandmother.” However, his knack for interpersonal relationships is not limited to communication with the fairer sex. “Passion has perfected the lost art of focusing all of his attention on the person with whom he is interacting.”

“He makes you feel like you’re the only one there – even in a crowded room,” a fan has remarked.

“R U Feelin' Me” by Passion Perfected is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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