Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Nature releases new EP album 'Nebula'

The independent electro- rock crew known as The Nature have released their new flagship EP record, titled, “Nebula.” It is comprised of six all-new, original tracks for an approximate total playing time of half an hour, making for a comprehensive first listening experience for listeners not-yet acquainted with this fantastically eclectic and tasteful band. It has been released on the Cultures and Vultures Music Publishing record label.

The sound of “Nebula” is razor sharp and incredibly groovy, somewhat melancholy and with a healthy dose of masculine verve. Prominent, active bass lines and jazzy, creative percussion provide a complex and textured canvas upon which the rest of the band can paint, and vividly paint they do. Guitar tones and casual, yet somehow intense male vocals recall the very best elements of the shoegaze scene. Fans of artists such as Radiohead and The Catherine Wheel will be enthusiastic at the sheer class, impeccable taste, and subtle style of “Nebula.” Its undercurrents are strong and run deep beneath the seemingly calm surface of dark, smooth waters.

“Nebula” is more than merely this, however. It is highly experimental at times, as the astrally named opening track, “Tau Ceti,” shows. It is remarkably well written, every track on the record being worthy of a single in its own right. Lyrics are poetic and never cliché, sung with a carefully balanced passion that never for a moment stoops to melodrama. The Nature's closing track for this album, “Filigree,” proves that they deserve a lion's share of attention at this point in their career, and that audiophiles around the globe should be anxious for an official full-length from this extremely talented crew, though this stunning EP is a handful of gems in the meantime.

“Nebula” by The Nature is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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