Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Singer-songwriter Tammy D releases new single, 'Miss F.A.T.'

The singer and songwriter of R 'n' B known as Tammy D has released her new flagship single, titled, “Miss F.A.T.” (Fierce and Thick). The track has been released on the Track Addict Music record label. Having an approximate total playing time of three minutes and 30 seconds, perfect for radio and nightclub play, Tammy D's new track has already been making waves around the globe for its heavy hitting beats and catchy rhymes and lines, and most predominantly for Tammy D's angelic singing and fiercely female verve.

“Miss F.A.T.” is a track with a great back beat and catchy, well-played keyboard accompaniment, one which is suitable for practically every situation, be it the nightclub dance floor, the morning or evening commute, or simply a casual listen on a neighborhood stroll. It is the most significant release by Tammy D to date, and stands to garner her endless amounts of much-deserved and overdue attention for what is one of the most gorgeous singing voices in the industry today.

Also sometimes referred to as “the Curvy Entertainer,” Tammy D is also the leader of what she calls “The Curvy Girl Movement.”

“This is for all the beautiful plus-size women across the world,” she has said of the Curvy Girl Movement and her new single. “If you love yourself and love your curves, then this song is for you. The next time someone calls you F.A.T., say, 'You're right! I'm Fierce And Thick!'”

Although Tammy D is clearly most talented as a singer of rhythm and blues, her enthusiasm for the voluptuous female body type comes partially from being a proud plus-size model herself, as well as an accomplished actress. In addition to creating the song for her fellow fierce females, Tammy D has also created the song for a late friend.

“I dedicate this song to one of our angels, Mrs. Mia Amber Davis, R.I.P.” she writes. “Let's keep her legacy going strong!”

“Miss F.A.T.” is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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