Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Seth Freeman releases new EP 'Into Your Atmosphere'

The singer-songwriter known as Seth Freeman has released his newest EP record, titled “Into Your Atmosphere,” to widespread fan and critical acclaim. The album is comprised of six original Freeman tunes for an approximate total listening time of 22 minutes. It has been released on the SB-Ignite record label. The first of several solo EP albums written and recorded over the course of the last year, “Into Your Atmosphere” stands as Freeman's most significant official release to date and is an excellent introduction of this endlessly creative and talented musician to the listening public at large.

Headed by the EP's flagship single, “Apollo 13,” “Into Your Atmosphere” is a mostly acoustic rock album with fundamental pop elements and a warm, natural soul. It mainly showcases the heart and creative mind of Freeman, himself, whose talents as a songwriter give one the impression that music simply flows from his imagination every time he picks up a guitar. Still, his lyrics are carefully penned and bespeak his cultured, poetic character, and somehow he still manages to seem absolutely modest and unassuming.

Likely, this matter-of-fact attitude comes from a lifetime of experimenting with sound.

“I just can’t remember a time that I wasn’t playing music,” Freeman writes. “I have always played a guitar, piano, or drum if there was one at hand, from a very early age, and I was always writing and singing songs, even if there was no instrument nearby.”

To hear him tell it, it is almost as if the man himself were built out of audio.

“I started taking guitar seriously around age 15 and never looked back. It’s something I’ve always been driven to do, a calling. There is music in my head all the time.”

Speaking of the emotionally complex and personal themes of “Into Your Atmosphere,” Freeman explains, “This is a record of rebirth and re-imagining, written at times from a personal standpoint, and at times from a universal perspective.”

Every point on “Into Your Atmosphere” is one from which the listener can examine himself, or choose to peer into the open window of Freeman's music to see what it feels like to be someone else. It is heartfelt, groovy, accessible, and at times surprisingly powerful at moments of relative calm. It is an album for everyone and one that ought not to be missed by any fan of well-written, well-performed music.

Seth Freeman's song ”Perfect People of the World” (billed as “Cute People of the World) has been placed in the upcoming made-for-television movie, “Dear Dumb Diary” to be released on the Hallmark Channel for Back-to-School in September 6, 2013. He has songs in other films such as "The Graduates," and numberous others. He recently produced and co-wrote the upcoming Nic Shake record, set to come out in late 2013, early 2014. His former ”One and Only Maybe EP” was produced by Michael Eisenstein of Letters to Cleo, Our Lady Peace, and Lisa Loeb. Videos from the EP garnered up to 30k views each. Other Freeman releases include a soul-searching ”Heart Back EP” which was a self-produced, raw solo acoustic performance.

“Into Your Atmosphere” by Seth Freeman is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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