Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bokozu Soun Stem releases new EP 'Livity'

The composer of experimental and modern dub-poetry music known as Bokozu Soun Stem has released his most significant and capital record to date, “Livity,” to widespread critical and fan acclaim. The album has been released with three original Bokozu Soun Stem tracks, “Watch This Space,” “Sub-Saharan,” and “Bass Culture,” the latter of which is perhaps the most definitive example of Bokozu's unique dub tone and style. An album unlike any other, “Livity” is certain to bring its unique Caribbean twist to both the electronica and reggae genres, and to become one of the seminal influences on both in the years to come.

“Livity” is a word used by Rastafarians to refer to the energy or life-force that flows through all living things. In this sense, the roots that connect Bokozu Soun Stem's EP to the works of such artists as Air and the Chemical Brothers, Bob Marley and Yellowman are the same, and this 'livity' is indeed felt throughout the record. The dub-poetry that effuses from the trio of songs is more sonic than verbal, unlike most poetry, and in this Bokozu stays truest to the rhythm and groove of his musical traditions.

“Bokozu Soun Stem is delivering dub-poetry in a fresh new way,” his official bio states clearly. “Bokozu likes to draw a visual in the mind, and educate the listener on Dub culture. While experimenting with different flavours of sound that can decorate the rhythm track, the focus is always on the drum and bass.”

This sound is spacious and clean, populated mostly with a beat and light, natural, warm accompaniment. His vocals are often present, but never are they the main event.

“There is no specific message in the songs,” Bokozu writes. “But since the lyrics are done in a dub-poetry style, you will encounter old Jamaican sayings.”

“Livity” by Bokozu Soun Stem is a powerful little EP and a wonderful introduction to one of dub's most fascinating and remarkable new artists. It is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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