Thursday, September 5, 2013

11-year-old phenom Sam Levin releases new single, 'Being With You Is Easy'


One of the world's youngest singer-songwriters, Sam Levin, has released his latest new single, “Being With You Is Easy.” The track is the most significant Levin release since his October 2012 single, “I Sure Hope Not.” A pop rock song with an undeniably catchy melody and unstoppable groove, “Being With You Is Easy” has instantly solidified Levin's place as one of music's most intriguing and inspirational artists today.

At 11 years old, Levin plays all of the instruments heard in his latest single, and fronts his sound as lead singer. He cites as main artistic influences Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Steve Winwood, and Stevie Wonder, or as he himself puts it, “Musicians who write and play lots of instruments.”

Intuitively, the sound of “Being With You Is Easy” is uncannily like a cross between the Beatles and the Monkees, and if Sir Paul hasn't heard the track yet, chances are exceptionally good that he will before long. Like everyone else who has heard it, he will doubtless be enthusiastically pleased.

In addition to the above music legends, Levin also names some more modern heroes.

“I also like more recent bands like Cake, Fleet Foxes and Shaimus,” he writes, “bands with a cool edge to their music and a real unique sound.”

Levin plays guitar, piano, bass, saxophone, and drums and percussion, in addition to being a natural singer. He plays pop, rock, jazz, blues, funk, and Latin music. In between cuts, he brushes up on music theory at the Lagond School in Elmsford, NY.

“I got an electric guitar when I was five and started taking lessons,” he says. “I learned to play and to jam, but the big jump forward happened when I got a loop pedal. That’s when I started to really compose music. That’s when I became a songwriter.”

Speaking of the themes explored in “Being With You Is Easy,” Levin writes with characteristic maturity:

“You meet a lot of people. Some are nice and some aren’t. My friends are fun and easy to be with, winning or losing, good times or bad. No drama. Those are the kinds of friends we should try to have, and those are the kinds of people we should try to be.”

If the reader is getting the impression that there is some serious intelligence behind this lad's eyes, then the reader is hereby ushered to the listening room for the real deal. Levin's music speaks for itself, and should be heard by music fans at the earliest possible convenience by all means.

“Being With You Is Easy” by Sam Levin is available online worldwide Sept. 8th, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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