Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rosa Bird releases single 'Fluffy Thang'


The singer and songwriter of rock music known as Rosa Bird has released his latest single, a politically charged rock epic titled, “Fluffy Thang.” The song has been released on the Dugdemona Records music label. At a considerable length of approximately five minutes, “Fluffy Thang” has much to say and explores a great many topics of social and interpersonal import, its tongue-in-cheek title notwithstanding. A rock song with pounding rhythms and chugging, grunge-era style guitars backed by epic keyboard work, “Fluffy Thang” is a powerful and intelligent song, an excellent introduction to this surprise artist at the close of an already remarkable summer for music releases.

Rosa Bird (whose moniker is reminiscent of Native American names) cites as main artistic influences the entire cast of '80s era Saturday Night Live, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, the Isley Brothers, Burning Spear, Ziggy Marley, Mutabaruka, and Marilyn Manson, whom the artist says, “inspired my current release.” The SNL crew taught Bird to write witty punchlines, with which he populates his lyrics and rhymes.

The Marilyn Manson connection is also immediately apparent to fans of the genre, yet “Fluffy Thang” has much more in common with Marilyn Manson contemporaries, Faith No More, whose lyrical themes and style of musical composition are parallel to the aims (and achievements) of Rosa Bird's “Fluffy Thang.”

When asked to speak candidly with regard to the topics explored in his music, Rosa Bird is happy to oblige.

“My music,” he writes, “is intended to give a different perspective on political and social matters, to challenge the status quo – 'business as usual' positions and opinions – to speak truth about issues, to promote vertical thought processes for the listener, and to initiate social change.”

If this list of lofty goals sounds perhaps too grandiose, the listener is urged to hear the music itself. The only way “Fluffy Thang” can fail to deliver on all of them is if it is never heard, which circumstance is gladly impossible: “Fluffy Thang” by Rosa Bird is available online worldwide beginning 14 September 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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