Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Professionals release new LP 'Never Scared'


The Colorado rappers known as the Professionals have released their definitive LP record album, titled, “Never Scared.” The album boasts an impressive 20 original tracks for over an hour's worth of contemporary hip-hop listening. It has been released on the Professionals Ent. music record label. At once a traditional, old-school rap record and a break from tradition that shows the Professionals' true character, “Never Scared” is a powerful record packed with personality, intelligence and groove that is sure to please rap fans from coast to coast and beyond.

When asked to cite their main artistic influences, the Professionals comment, “Our families, Tupac Shakur, Spice1, Eminem, Mitchy Slick, Devlin, and daily life experiences influence us to do what we do.”

In addition to the considerable talents of Professionals Safey and Bliss, “Never Scared” also features the skills of such 970 figures as Skipdogg tha Soulja, Candyman, Lady Evo, Shadowville, BQ tha Emcee, and 5star Beatz. This healthy mix of creativity and experience helps make “Never Scared” one of the most expertly produced records of this year so far in the hip hop subgenre.

Speaking to the themes expressed by their record, the Professionals write, “Don’t be scared to do what’s real to you. You don’t have to follow the trends set forth by musical icons.”

Truly, their album stands out in a musical category overpopulated by “me too” artists trying to reinvent the wheel. “Never Scared” takes several surprising directions, and one can never be quite sure what the next track is likely to sound like except that it will be nothing but good. Their official bio proves that they will be around long enough to explore even more artistic geography, too.

“Though adversity and doubts of success,” it runs, “the Professionals will continue to write, record and perform as long as their passion for it remains.”

May it remain for decades.

“Never Scared” by the Professionals debuts 20 September 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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