Thursday, September 5, 2013

Andrew Moniz releases new EP, 'Telefunkenometry'


The composer of music known as Andrew Moniz has released his new, long-awaited EP, “Telefunkenometry.” The album is composed of five original tracks for an approximate total playing time of just under 20 minutes. It has been released on the 130 Grit Sound Studio music label. A remarkable work of musical art produced using a unique blend of live and digital elements, “Telefunkenometry” stands as proof that there are still new musical vestiges and vistas to discover, and that Andrew Moniz is an incredibly creative explorer with the ability to lead us to them.

Moniz, who hails from Toronto, makes telling his live instruments from the synthetic ones nearly impossible. Right away on his first track, a modern disco tune called “In France...,” a lively rhythm guitar belts out lick after lick to the beat of what seem to be acoustic drums and percussion. These are accompanied by piano and organ keys for a rich, classy sound that marries the old-school electronic style to modern, razor-sharp studio work and impeccable good taste. Other tracks, such as “Angels With Filthy Souls,” utilize more loops and other elements of EDM, but Moniz's tone is always rife with the live sound on “Telefunkenometry.” The end result is warm, natural, and gorgeous.

Asked to cite a few musical influences, Moniz names the Bee Gees, Daft Punk, Whirr, My Bloody Valentine, Dr. Dre, Clams Casino, BadBadNotGood, OFWGKTA, DJ Shadow, and The Doors. A crossroads at which all these disparate styles meet could easily describe the general nuance of Moniz's new EP. It has an undeniable groove, plenty of melodic catchiness, and a cool, mellow ambiance that pervades the album and calms the nerves.

Concerning themes his album may have in store for listeners, Moniz writes, “[There's] not so much a message. It's more of a soundscape for different scenes of life, whether it be driving on the highway at night with music blasting, or dancing with friends at a party.”

These vivacious, youthful images come easily to mind at every turn of “Telefunkenometry,” making it an undeniably fun record, one which audiophiles everywhere would do well to hear at the earliest possible convenience.

“Telefunkenometry” by Andrew Moniz is available online worldwide beginning 8 September 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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