Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ZibraZibra releases new LP 'The End of the Lion (Deluxe Edition)'

The wildly eclectic electronica band known as ZibraZibra have re-released their early LP, “The End of the Lion,” in a new, deluxe edition of their original classic. The album has been released on the Royalty, Etc. Records music label. Boasting 14 tracks for an approximate total of nearly 50 minutes' worth of highly creative, remarkable listening time, “The End of the Lion (Deluxe Edition)” by ZibraZibra also includes two bonus tracks, “Well, Minnesota” and “Goodnight Rockstar.”

Hailing from Minnesota, ZibraZibra are well known in that locale and abroad for having an insanely upbeat and vibrant live show to go with their endlessly fun and energetic records. This particular album, “The End of the Lion (Deluxe Edition),” is reputed on the band's official Facebook page to have been recorded long before ZibraZibra's wide (and sterling) reputation had been earned – back when the band members were still suffering through high school.

With this in mind, “...Lion” is an LP that bespeaks great amounts of talent and personality. ZibraZibra defy pigeonholes and create music unlike that of any other music group. Additionally, they have a stunning amount of ability and scope in terms of style, and “...Lion” switches themes and feels from song to song with alacrity. That said, every song is genius, and every track is wonderful entertainment, regardless of whether it be a bizarre twist on the old '80s hair metal thing, or a low-fi 8-bit video game composition with Devo-esque vocals on top.

Bottom line: this not-totally-sane crew of musicians hit the ground running with their fantastic “The End of the Lion” LP, and though they haven't garnered the attention of the mainstream just yet, this is plainly a matter of time. Get in early, audiophiles.

“The End of the Lion (Deluxe Edition)” by ZibraZibra is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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