Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eddie Paton and Cloe Bernard release new LP 'Rendez-vous'


The duo of singer-songwriters known as Eddie Paton and Cloe Bernard have released their new LP record album, “Rendez-vous,” to the delight of fans and critics everywhere. The album has been released on the Cloral Mosaic Productions music label. It includes 10 tracks for an approximate total running time of nearly 40 minutes. Often found in the pop and adult contemporary music genres, it actually combines many different music styles, including but not limited to ballads, Latin music, bossa nova, rock 'n' roll, and more. A remarkable achievement from two of Canada's best loved and most accomplished musicians, “Rendez-vous” by Eddie Paton and Cloe Bernard is not an album to be missed.

By far, the main attraction on Paton and Bernard's new album is the intertwining of their vocals. Their voices are unladen by unnecessary effects of any kind, and their natural timbres commingle like rich, married wines. Duets abound on the record, and more precise, gorgeous harmonies have scarcely been recorded. Bernard's delicate, feminine tones are reminiscent of Francoise Hardy, while Paton's own clarion voice is as bright and pronounced as a spring morning. Lyrics are penned half in English, half in French, all of them delightfully fun and playfully phrased.

Paton's fantastic guitar playing is the obvious work of a highly skilled virtuoso. His instrumentation carries the record easily and airily, and compliments both the excellent songwriting (absolutely marvelous) and stupendous vocal performances better than most of the most successful and popular classic pop songs from the last fifty years.

In short, “Rendez-vous” by Eddie Paton and Cloe Bernard is likely one of the best releases this year, and sure to become a timeless favorite of music collectors all around the globe. Audiophiles everywhere should take note and get in early on this one.

Rendez-vous” by Eddie Paton and Cloe Bernard is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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