Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Harry Munk Project releases new LP 'Addicted'


The British rock band known as the Harry Munk Project have released their new flagship LP record, titled, “Addicted.” The album is comprised of 10 new, original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. This long-playing album provides a definitive and comprehensive experience of the band's style and repertoire, one that has been much anticipated by a growing cadre of hardcore HMP fans. For fans of such heavy-hitting, post-industrial artists as Prodigy and Portishead, The Harry Munk Project will fill a need that has gone undernourished for many years.

“Addicted” by the Harry Munk Project is likely to surprise many listeners. It contains twists and turns that keep the listener guessing from track to track, and though the HMP clearly have the chops and creativity to compose remarkably various songs, they manage to keep a smooth and intuitive cohesion throughout. The band themselves describe this sound as “slinky, funky, kicking, spunky,” which colorfully inclusive style has notable elements of Goth industrial, drum 'n' bass, funk and even a dash of reggae (see their single, “Hard to Bare”).

This mix is gracefully and darkly fronted by elegant, powerful female vocals provided by Lennii, whose understated tones belie the seething emotions her lyrics, phrasing and chord progressions inspire. (For newcomers to the HMP sound, Lennii's performance is perhaps best appreciated in one of the Project's music videos that may be found at their official website, URL provided below.) The other instrumentalists are as integral to the Munk sound, each bringing his own piercing musical individuality, and each having an obvious amount of natural talent and long experience: Kev, Kyzer, Malcolm, and Bomber.

Together they have sculpted the “Addicted” collection into a whirling, dance-inspiring, trance-inducing book of sonic shadows that are as evocative as they are accessible. Strangely, the record plays just as well in the convertible on a bright, sunny day as it would at a popular Goth club in downtown Los Angeles. Fans of dark dance music everywhere should get in early.

“Addicted” by the Harry Munk Project is available beginning 15 September 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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