Thursday, September 12, 2013

Devo Famlove releases new single 'Break Records'


The rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina known as Devo Famlove has released his latest single, “Break Records,” to widespread fan and critical acclaim. Like the rest of Famlove's material, the single has been released on the quickly rising record label, Unanimous Music Group. “Break Records” comes as the most significant Famlove publication since his twin-release singles “I Goes N” and “Believe,” both of which were released concurrently in July of this year. Like “I Goes N” and “Believe,” this latest track has been released with a corresponding music video that is currently available for viewing online.

Fans of the old-school style who have yet to be introduced to Devo Famlove will be enthusiastic and happily surprised. Famlove cites as main artistic influences the talents of Kendrick Lamar, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos' Def, Common, Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony, Nas, Tupac Shakur, Slum Village, J Dilla, and 9th Wonder. His own style cleaves to the rappers of the early and mid- 1990s, whose beats and musical accompaniment were still spare and spacious like the rappers of the '80s before them, but whose lyrical style and delivery were more dextrous and verbose. In this Famlove excels. His poetry is adroit and intelligent, his verbal flow remarkably impressive.

When asked about the themes of “Break Records,” Famlove says only, “'Break Records' is fun. It takes you back to the essence of hip hop.”

This is exceptionally true, especially where regards the official music video.

Asked to comment on his own artistic roots, he writes, “I always loved music. It’s been in me since I was young. I played drums for my church, and attended the Northwest School of the Arts.”

Speaking candidly of the other members of his crew, Famlove has said, “We understand each other. That’s how we can clown each other and be goofballs. We all know how to have a good time regardless of what difficulties are around us.”

“Break Records” by Devo Famlove is online worldwide. Be sure to see its official music video, as well as those for his July releases, “I Goes N” and “Believe.”

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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