Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oplus releases new LP record, 'Perfect Timing'


The hip-hop mastermind known as Oplus (and AKA Oplus Theprince) has released his new LP record album, titled, “Perfect Timing.” The album has been released on the Sulpo Publishing Co. music label. Comprised of 13 original tracks for an approximate total playing time of 50 minutes, “Perfect Timing” is a comprehensive and heavy-hitting introduction of this dynamic and explosive rapper to the world at large.

The sound of “Perfect Timing” is a blend of modern hip-hop, pop music, and various sounds from the old school. Beats are rich, fun, full of groove, and excellent for dance floors and house parties everywhere. Guest stars abound on the LP, which in addition to the regular skills of Oplus also features the talents of such artists as C. Jurand, Thecircle, IGL, Mr Write, and Ante Up.

Fans of rap music will be excited with this recent offering from Oplus for more reasons than one. Of particular interest is the deep involvement of Thecircle, who appears on nearly half of the tracks on “Perfect Timing.” The loops and samples on this record are ingenious. Track one is a fun and humorous groove that catapults the listener into the music with unstoppable rhythm and chill, mellow style. The pace is picked up immediately after, and doesn't quit until the album's conclusion. Fans of rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z will be enthusiastic about Oplus' new “Perfect Timing” LP.

Many tracks are epic in scale and tone, such as “Money Bags,” while others wax more sensuous, “Feelin' Lyka King,” for instance. Most often heard, however, is a direct approach that is aggressive and in-your-face, and which forms the largest portion of Oplus' new record. Fans of hip-hop that dishes out urban poetry with power and flow have something great waiting for them in “Perfect Timing.”

“Perfect Timing” by Oplus is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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