Monday, September 9, 2013

Shoka releases new single 'Purple Skies'


The band known as Shoka has released their highly anticipated new single, “Purple Skies,” to the delight of fans everywhere. As a surprise added bonus, this debut flagship single has also been released with a corresponding official music video. Both are available for public enjoyment online worldwide. A
positive, upbeat and vivacious song full of joie de vivre and fun, “Purple Skies” introduces this well-kept secret from the United Kingdom as one of this year's most talented upcoming acts in any genre.

Shoka (often stylized as Shōka) are mainly comprised of a young duo who describe their band on their official website in a few concise words.

“Shōka is a music project set up by Ed Taylor and Kirstie Baxter,” it reads. “We are based in North East England and have been writing and recording a range of songs for our own personal fulfillment and enjoyment. We hope others will enjoy it too! :)”

Listeners are likely to note Baxter's gorgeous voice, bedecked in natural, warm trills and happy scales first, followed by the earnest and groovy guitar playing of Taylor, whose style on “Purple Skies” is pared down to a tasteful rhythm with a minimum of ostentation. The flavor of their song is sunny and a little tropical, easy to imagine being played on steel drums in a calypso number; though it also boasts a good number of extremely well-orchestrated horns and other instruments, and has jazz and soul elements as well. As a result, the song is filled with vibrant motion that makes it amusingly difficult to stay seated while listening.

Speaking of these various traits, Shoka writes,

“With broad influences we aim for all our songs to have some unique element and to be honest and carry sentiment.”

Indeed, there are few phrases that characterize Shoka's “Purple Skies” so well as 'unique, honest and sentimental' describes them, which is good for music fans everywhere as it seems certain this will not be the last the world hears of Shoka.

“We'll be releasing new material periodically,” they promise on their website, “so if you like us please follow us on Facebook or Twitter!”

“Purple Skies” and its official music video are available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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