Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dutch alternative rock and punk band BEP releases 'Sell Out' EP

The Dutch trio of alternative rock and punk music known as BEP have released their latest record, an extended-play release titled, “Sell Out.” The album has been released on the W.E.R.K. Werks music label. Bringing a new collection of six tracks for a total playing time of approximately 22 minutes, the EP debuts a new sound from the well-loved and widely traveled crew that differs somewhat from the faster, poppier sound of 1999's “Worst” record (which was also re-released last month).

This new BEP sound is harder, more melodic, and an excellent new direction for these unsung heroes from the '90s punk and independent rock scene. Part of the sound and feel of “Sell Out” comes from its producer, Ken Stringfellow (Posies, R.E.M., Lagwagon) whose touch is evident in BEP's guitar and drum tones, as well as in the feel of their gorgeous, soaring vocal harmonies.

Fans of underground alternative punk bands such as Alice Donut, NoMeansNo, Victims Family and Snuff will be thrilled with this new addition to BEP's repertoire. In addition to certain similarities with the above bands, BEP cite as main artistic influences the Beatles, the Melvins, and Queens of the Stone Age. Stripped down to its riffs and straightforward, in-your-face delivery, “Sell Out” is pure rock with oceans of intensity born from clever songwriting, razor-sharp performance, and the emotional intensity that comes from being punk and all-grown-up at the same time.

This is not to imply that “Sell Out” is a dramatic album – it is not. It keeps the BEP tradition of hijinks and good humor that has been present on all their records (and which was perhaps the main staple of punk music in the 1990s in general). “Sell Out” discusses many themes, some of them socially conscientious, all of them intelligent and witty, among them being the complications and circumstances involving age. “Sell By Date” opens with the clear announcement, “I am a fossil.” Nevertheless, this claim runs counter to the endless energy and aggression of this powerful EP record, one of BEP's best albums to date by far, and one which music fans should pay especial attention to all over the world.

“Sell Out” by BEP is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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