Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oscify releases instrumental LP 'Good After Noon'

The composer and musician known as Oscify has released his capital LP record album, “Good After noon.” The album has been published on the Are You Serious music record label. Bearing ten original tracks for a total listening time of approximately 47 minutes, “Good After Noon” is the best representation of Oscify's music to date, and makes for a comprehensive treatment of the Oscify sound including tracks composed between 2006 and 2008. The artist notes that FL Studio, Cakewalk Plasma, Ableton Live, Waves Diamond Bundle, Ozone Izotope, and Windows XP were used in the creation of this phenomenal record, a fine example of what can be accomplished in the modern music studio when the artist is as creative and talented as Oscify clearly is.

Concerning the material on this standout record, Oscify has publicly commented, “Good After Noon is a collection of instrumentals created by Leo Fairbanks. Some of these instrumentals have appeared or are slated to appear on other official and unofficial releases including additional vocal and instrumental accompaniment; however, I feel they stand well on their own, so I decided to include them in this collection.”

The executive decision has proved a correct one, as few digital works are as effective and evocative as “Good After Noon.” The album is full of groove, heart, and soul, and needs no further accompaniment to succeed and surpass many other such records of the same subgenre.

A mellow album that sets out for a chill walk through bass-and-drums jungles, and sets sail for a long, relaxing cruise through colorful, shifting seas of melody and harmony, “Good After Noon” is a record that can be played in nearly any imaginable situation, be it casual, social, dancing, driving, studying, or simply going about one's business. The lack of vocals, combined with the relaxing atmosphere of the album, make it a sure thing no matter one's mood or disposition.

“Good After Noon” by Oscify is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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