Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oflow releases new LP 'Project Flow'


The rapper known as Oflow has released his standout full-length LP record, “Project Flow,” to widespread critical and fan acclaim. The album is comprised of 17 original hip-hop tracks for a total listening time of over an hour. Oflow's LP record has been released on the Bedroom Productionz LLC music records label.

The beats on “Project Flow” are cutting-edge, modern, and derive little from the bygone rappers of yesterday. “Project Flow” is an unadulterated, 100% Oflow record that stems from his innumerable and incredible talents alone. When asked to name some of his artistic influences, Oflow states:

“I influence myself.”

By the end of Track 1, “Best Dead or Alive,” the music fan has been absolutely convinced that this record is one of the most significant hip-hop albums in recent memory, and is sure to be recognized in the future as a seminal work of urban poetry from this generation. The themes of the record are openly discussed, directly and without pulled punches. Oflow is an aggressive rapper and a frank speaker, who speaks frankly and candidly on the topics of his choice. When asked to describe the message his record may have to deliver to his fans, he is concise in his speech.

“I am the best dead or alive,” Oflow writes, invoking the title of his opening track. “I can do anything. I just live life and show appreciation. I just be myself. Live life and have fun. Enjoy every moment.”

The record also has many metaphysical perspectives, particularly bearing on the principle of rhythm and flow.

“What is Flow?” begins the artist: “A mystical energy. It dictates the world around us from the way we work all the way down to the basic flow of energy in atoms. Flow is within everything; even the bloodstream has a flow. Flow has nothing to do with religion, it’s more of a description of what is within that allows us to create and have the energy to live. For me, I am Flow and it is expressed through my life and my art form. I Flow, and Flow is an expression through my experience.”

“Project Flow” by Oflow is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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