Thursday, September 19, 2013

Autopsy Boys release new single, 'Crushing on Cynthia Leech'


UK punk band Autopsy Boys have released their latest single, “Crushing on Cynthia Leech.” The single has been released on the Yorkshire-based 0605 Records music label. It appears on the Autopsy Boys 2012 LP, “Def Elements,” and has been released with an official music video, available for viewing online everywhere.

Like other music from these British punk rockers from the old school style, “Crushing on Cynthia Leech” is dark, fun, upbeat and danceable, though slam-dancing will prove more effective than, say, the foxtrot or the cha-cha. Their pared-down style is coarse and direct, with no frills and no nonsense to get in the way of some very straightforward punk rock played in the classic tradition.

“Our main influence are the Dwarves,” writes Autopsy Boys, “but we love all manner of thrash metal, hardcore punk and '80s synth pop. Too many influences to mention.”

Part of the charm of Autopsy Boys and a large part of their extremely colorful character stems from their bizarre and unlikely roots. They weren't thrown together in a high-school music class.

“We started making music for a friend's low-budget horror movies,” they comment. “Video games and horror movies are the only things in life that really matter!”

Intuitively, the official music video for “Crushing on Cynthia Leech” is a horror short with an extremely simple premise: two attractive young ladies in undergarments making out while they tear one another apart with their hands, teeth, et cetera. Autopsy Boys videos have been known for their gore, having often been labeled, “Goriest music video in history,” only to have the title stripped away by a newer, gorier Autopsy Boys video. In keeping with this tradition, there is an excellent chance that “Crushing on Cynthia Leech” will be the goriest music video the music fan has seen.

“Crushing on Cynthia Leech” by Autopsy Boys is available online worldwide. Don't miss the video.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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