Thursday, September 5, 2013

1Soul releases new LP 'All That I Need'


The singer and songwriter from Texas known as 1Soul has released his full-length LP record album, titled, “All That I Need.” The album is comprised of 11 original tracks for a total of over 50 minutes' listening time. Bringing to music fans and audiophiles the world over his distinctive “Latin freestyle” sound for the first time, 1Soul is taking the music scene by storm with this remarkable, earnest and heartfelt record.

Soulful, powerfully romantic and full of ritmo Latino, “All That I Need” is a record that expresses fully the love this music artist has for his one and only soul mate.

“My inspiration for the title, 'All That I Need,'” writes the singer, “was my wife, who has made me the happiest and luckiest man in the world.”

Intuitively, the album is one with passion and romance at its core, but never sounds sappy or melodramatic. 1Soul is a singer with impeccably good taste and a fine hand for restraint. Speaking of the themes of his music on this LP, 1Soul himself comments:

“The album covers love songs from finding that special person to experiencing heartbreak from relationships.”

Still, these love songs aren't all mush – this is an extremely catchy, danceable album with plenty of groove in its rhythms and movements. Much of this comes from 1Soul's own history as a music listener, as anyone who has experience with the genre will note.

“I am heavily influenced by Latin freestyle,” writes 1Soul, “but also with experiences in my own life that have come and gone. I took to the genre when I was a teenager because everyone (mostly Latin teens) during that time was listening to that style of music and going to the same music events where that music was played. I quickly related to it and enjoyed what it stood for because it was easy to relate to, and simple to listen to. I loved the words and dancing to the unique rhythms and how fun it was just to watch freestyle artists on stage performing.”

1Soul has taken the spotlight himself, now, though, and his own form of that same Latin freestyle sound is one that other fans of the scene are certain to notice. Lotharios and big-hearted people with a penchant for unstoppable beats won't be disappointed by this excellent LP from one of Texas' most inspiring singers.

“All That I Need” by 1Soul is available online worldwide beginning Sept. 7th, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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