Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GroupMusic releases two new “Sing 'Em Again” Vacation Bible School albums


The publishers of Bible-themed songs known as GroupMusic have released two new LP records, “Sing ’Em Again: Favorite Vacation Bible School Songs for Families, Vol.6,” and “Sing ’Em Again: Favorite Holy Land VBS Songs for Families, Vol.5.” They include 10 original tracks and 12 original tracks respectively, each containing approximately a half hour's worth of Bible-based, high-energy listening. With well-penned lyrics rooted deeply in the Holy Bible and undeniably fun tunes for both children and adults, these records continue to prove that Group Publishing's “Sing 'Em Again” line is of the utmost quality.

Each of the two new VBS-themed releases from GroupMusic come with a healthy clutch of instrumental versions of the songs included on the record. This is to provide background music for group and family sing-alongs, and they are excellent listening besides. The content of the actual music is singularly marvelous and remarkably comprehensive in terms of style. These songs are impeccably performed on electric guitar, bass, drums and vocals (as well as myriad other instruments) and come from a broad variety of genres, including but not limited to pop, rock, pop rock, modern Irish and even electronic dance music.

When asked to comment on the themes of their “Sing 'Em Again” series of albums, GroupMusic is happy to explain in detail:

“Thankfulness. Strength. Trust,” they write. “These are a few of the attributes held up for children in these songs from Group’s Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School (Fav. VBS songs, Vol. 6) and Athens (Fav. Holy Land songs, Vol. 5). After singing these songs at church vacation Bible camps all summer, many families want the songs to play in the car and at other family times to help their children remember both the songs and the Bible points. This music is not the usual sing-song kids music — the songs are both rocking and fun for both children and adults.”

This last point cannot be overstated. Group's success at producing music that boasts Biblical values and is enjoyable for children and adults is profound.

“Sing ’Em Again: Favorite Vacation Bible School Songs for Families, Vol.6,” and “Sing ’Em Again: Favorite Holy Land VBS Songs for Families, Vol.5” are available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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