Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vico releases new LP 'Spiegel'


The German artist of rock and pop known as Vico has released his capital new flagship LP record, “Spiegel,” to widespread critical and fan acclaim. It has been released worldwide with two different album covers. The album is listed as pop on Amazon and as pop-underground on CDBaby, the latter of which suggests as similar artists, Helge Schneider, Rammstein, and Udo Lindenberg.

These likenesses are perhaps most similar in lyrical content. Like Rammstein and Udo Lindenberg, Vico is famous for exceptionally intelligent and poetic lyrics, populated with multiple possible interpretations and clever, witty turns of phrase. These lines show the discerning nature of their author and singer, whose LP's title, “Spiegel,” is German for 'mirror.' Appropriately, his songs often describe various human characteristics and extemporize on various attributes of society. His songs have been called “shocking” and “politically incorrect,” yet they are among some of the most intellectual pieces of pop music ever constructed.

The sound of Vico's record is driven mostly by excellent and vivacious acoustic guitar with surprising amounts of energy. His music is both danceable and evocative. With catchy melodies, marvelous rhythms and endless supplies of marvelous writing and singing, “Spiegel” is the best release from Vico to date.

When asked to speak candidly with regard to his musical history, Vico writes, “I used to be in this party band. When we played, people were cool at our shows, but I hated our sound, found us sounding badly. So I left the band.

“After I had written songs for many years, developed and recorded in studios, I rediscovered an old recording of the band, listened to it, and determined that I had been -- by far -- the worst in the band. I had never finished my record deal, and my business partner was eventually retired.

I tried collaborating with other musicians and engineers but was never satisfied, so I did everything myself: played, sung, recorded, mixed and mastered. Once I finished the disc, the radio [disc jockeys] were shocked by the politcally incorrect lyrics, but the common people find it cool.

“So have fun! And please don't take my record too seriously – they're only songs...”

Spiegel” by Vico is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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