Thursday, September 5, 2013

Along Came a Wolf releases new EP 'Last Day of Summer'


The eclectic, creative composer of digital music known as Along Came a Wolf has released his flagship new EP record, “Last Day of Summer,” to uniformly positive reviews and clamorous fan acclaim. It has been released on the Lost Astronaut music label. The album is comprised of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 36 minutes, making for what is very nearly a full-length Along Came a Wolf record. Endlessly fun, stunningly colorful and danceable in the extreme, “Last Day of Summer” by Along Came a Wolf is one of the year's best EDM records by far.

“Last Day of Summer” can be easily described but is far better when experienced firsthand. Its beats are infectious, full, and play deep in the groove. Its melodies boast many of the best qualities of modern dubstep, yet keep true to traditional principles of digital music making, also (the Chemical Brothers and KLF would be proud). Opening with the creepy “Strange Lights,” which seems to use actual samples of radio traffic regarding a possible alien visitation, ACW's EP kicks into ultra-high gear somewhere around the three minute mark and doesn't let up. By the end of this first track, the listener is entirely aware that Skrillex has nothing – absolutely nothing – on Along Came a Wolf.

Other crown jewels on “Last Day of Summer” are the title track, “Last Day of Summer,” and the coup de grace that is “Final Boss.” The former is simply beautiful, just gorgeous, feeling and sounding not unlike the warmth of a setting sun on a particularly comfortable and relaxing day. “Final Boss,” however, is the real treasure, and sure to be the fan favorite for this installment of music by Along Came a Wolf. Utilizing loads and loads of 8-bit video game samples (one would swear some Atari were in there, too) “Final Boss” is explosive, rollicking, zooming, blasting and flying sky high for six minutes and change, all of which are some of the most enjoyable moments on this powerful little record.

All in all, “Last Day of Summer” is an announcement and an arrival. EDM listeners have someone truly special in Along Came a Wolf, and he's not going to be unknown for very long. Get in early, children. This is a very true story.

“Last Day of Summer” by Along Came a Wolf is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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