Thursday, September 5, 2013

The IKB Singers release definitive single 'I Kick Butt in a Positive Way'


The IKB Singers, a crew of optimistic, intelligent, tasteful and goodhearted music artists, have released their definitive hip-hop single, titled, “I Kick Butt in a Positive Way.” The track has been released by IKB Publishing. An upbeat, fun, mature song with remarkably well-penned lyrics and a moral steadfastness that would make any good preacher proud, “I Kick Butt in a Positive Way” by the IKB Singers is a fresh, new direction for hip hop that has been a long time coming, and which has arrived not a moment too soon.

The single is also part of a movement IKB calls The Virtues: “A New Concept in Urban Lyrical Content.” This concept is wholesome, positively and constructively aggressive, and an awful lot of fun. From a musical perspective the “I Kick Butt in a Positive Way” single is superior to many official releases from some of hip hop's most popular recording artists today.

Speaking with regard to the idea underlying their themes and sound, IKB writes, “'I Kick Butt' is an out-with-the-bad, in-with-the-good process for those who want and/or need a second chance. Just like we [as people] have a good and a bad side, there is a good side to the expression: 'I kick butt.' Kicking butt in a positive way relates to your good side and the positive things you do in every day life. Your positive ideas, images, and messages speak to the kind of person you are on the inside.”

If these concepts sound spiritual to the music fan, it is because there are elements of traditional morality IKB has in common, yet the IKB movement is not affiliated with any particular faith.

The Virtues are not religion specific,” the IKB Singers explain. “They are nothing but good habits which are the foundation of Second Chances. The Virtues are the norm for the human person as a rational being – whose endowments and faculties speak of the dignity of a loving, divine Creator’s desire that all humanity mirror itself. The Virtues miraculously make this possible without forcing anyone do anything against their own will.”

These laudable and excellent precepts make for shockingly excellent listening when the tune comes from the IKB Singers, but this must be experienced to be fully understood. With a beat that drops like a hammer and vibrant, youthful, urban poetry electrified with the genuine spirit of goodwill, “I Kick Butt in a Positive Way” by the IKB Singers is one of the most beneficial and fun pieces of hip-hop music ever recorded.

“I Kick Butt in a Positive Way” by the IKB Singers is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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