Thursday, September 5, 2013

Neuro Method releases debut EP 'Out of Reach'


The mixmasters of EDM known as Neuro Method have released their capital, long-awaited debut EP record, “Out of Reach.” The album features six original tracks from the genius duo for an approximate total listening time of nearly half an hour. A tour de force of brilliant orchestration, beautiful melody lines and modern dubstep elements, “Out of Reach” by Neuro Method is easily one of the most exciting developments in the underground electronica scene in some time.

The artists cite as main artistic influences Deadmau5, James Egbert, Depeche Mode, Porcupine Tree, and Pink Floyd, and though there is more Deadmau5 in their material than Floyd by far, attributes of all these artists are clearly present in the composition of these songs. An exceptionally, surgically precise record, the edges on “Out of Reach” are razor sharp everywhere one listens. The beats are rock-solid, the notes clean, each phrase coming and going at the perfect moments for maximum impact. It doesn't take a musical mastermind to realize halfway through “Far Away” (Track 1) that this EP is a work of great artistic integrity. More importantly, it will cause dancing in any room, at any time.

The chemistry between the two members of Neuro Method is largely intellectual, one having studied music theory at university, the other, audio engineering. This was not the inspiration for their band name, however.

“We chose the name to represent the amount of brain-work that has gone into this process,” writes Neuro Method in their official bio.

The sound their thinking produces is big, deep, loud, vibrant, and unstoppably fun. “Out of Reach” is an EP that will light up dance floors, house parties, car stereos, headphones, and virtually any other listening circumstance the audiophile can imagine.

“We initially chose to launch our content on YouTube [in 2011]” they continue, “as a way to make our music available while we continued working on new material, and figuring out how to make the project come together.”

This YouTube debut, the “Sonic Revolution” single, is also included on the EP.

“Nearly two years later, we have finally produced our EP 'Out of Reach,' fulfilling what has been our dream for some time. We hope it is the first of many good things to come.”

Certainly the EP is a very good thing, and the sooner listeners get a full-length from Neuro Method, the sooner the world will be a happier, groovier place.

“Out of Reach” by Neuro Method is available online worldwide September 6, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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