Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Urban Society release new EP record 'Gutta to da Underground'


The artists of hip hop known as Urban Society have released their groundbreaking debut EP record, titled, “Gutta to da Underground.” The album is comprised of six all new original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been released on the Playerz Guild e.n.t. music label. A contemporary, experimental rap record coming from many directions at once, “Gutta to da Underground” by Urban Society is one of the most innovative and iconoclastic albums to be released in the hip hop genre for some time.

Urban Society are composed of Phallon Sinnis, Masu, and Dj BMO. The artists come from surprisingly disparate locales (Texas, Florida, and Minnesota respectively) and this is in part responsible for their eclectic and atypical style of music. They are currently based in Colorado as a part of HardWork Playerz Inc. All three members have extensive experience in music production and performance. Phallon Sinnis and Dj BMO are otherwise known as HWPINC Productions / No Silentz Music Publishing, and Masu has several albums and various performances under his alter ego stage name, Spliff.

When asked about their artistic influences, they do not mince words.

“Rap, soul, R and B, rock, blues, reggae, and spiritual music,” they write simply.

They are somewhat more verbose when it comes to the message their album may have in store for listeners. On this score they are clear and direct.

“The message of this EP is that Urban Society does not conform with the everyday mainstream sound in hip hop music,” they write. “Being a group based out of Colorado we consider ourselves Coming from Under the Ground Up. Even with any success, we will maintain that sound.”

True to their word, “Gutta to da Underground” is unlike any rap record fans of hip hop have heard in the memorable past, and its eclectic beats, lines and rhymes are rock solid.

“Gutta to da Underground” by Urban Society is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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