Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Noel Peterson releases new LP 'Humility'


The singer and songwriter from Los Angeles known as Noel Peterson has released his definitive LP record album, “Humility.” The album is comprised of nine tracks and two bonus tracks for an approximate total listening time of 55 minutes. It is preceded by two Peterson singles, “Erase It All” and “Lost Souls,” both of which were published in 2012 and are included on the “Humility” LP. A widely varied collection of songs by Peterson, “Humility” provides a comprehensive and timely introduction to one of the most earnest and powerful artists performing today.

Peterson cites as main artistic influences a broad array of classic talents: Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppen, Paul Simon, Coldplay, Bob Seger, Van Morrison, Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, James Taylor, The Doors, and Eric Clapton. Of these, it is perhaps Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam who surface most often in the tones and rhythms of “Humility,” although elements of the rest are certainly apparent.

Speaking candidly of the themes in his new record, Peterson himself writes, “Humility shares a message about finding love and strength in life and living in the 'now.' It shares a message about experiencing difficult challenges and sometimes dark days in life and overcoming them with love and the desire to embrace life... Sometimes you can lose direction, but no matter what, if you have love and an open mind, everything is going to be alright.”

This somewhat Taoist perspective appears throughout the album, braided between more personal lines that express to and empathize with the listener regarding the many twists and turns of romance.

“The album is about falling in love and always being there for the one you love,” writes Peterson. “These songs were built around pure emotion and the array of beautiful and haunting experiences endured in my life so far.”

“Humility” by Noel Peterson is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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