Thursday, September 12, 2013

Music artist Ib Odd releases new single 'Sprezzatura'


The music artist from Stockholm, Sweden known only as Ib Odd has released his latest single, “Sprezzatura.” The track has been released on the Nuzzai music record label. It is arguably the most significant official release from Ib Odd since his 2010 single, “Nordic Jam,” which is currently still available for listening on Spotify, iTunes, and various other online outlets. “Sprezzatura” is an instrumental dance track with an upbeat, natural groove and catchy melody lines that is an instant pleasure in any listening circumstance, regardless of one's personal favorite music genre.

Ib Odd is also sometimes called IB Odd Vegger. His latest track, “Sprezzatura,” is titled after an Italian word that Wiki defines as “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines sprezzatura to mean “studied nonchalance.”

This effect is a success for Ib Odd, as the song's spaciousness and simplicity belie the obvious, careful composition on the part of the song's creator. Composed in a basic, classic style reminiscent of the 1980s, “Sprezzatura” has been compared to Harold Faltermeyer's theme for the “Beverly Hills Cop” film, titled, “Axel Foley.” Odd's “Sprezzatura” is easily as fun but much more danceable than the Faltermeyer piece.

Ib Odd cites as main artistic influences artists such as Dj Arafat, Kaysha, Bunji Garlin, Prince, Morris Day and the Time, Meiway, Soum Bill, Machel Montano, and Bar-Kays.

One official Ib Odd bio states:

“I’m currently a student at Songwriters academy (musikmakarna) in Sweden. My style is funky/urban/world. I collaborate a lot with my partner, Derry Flynn. We “try” to make happy, fresh world music that will fit the masses, but with a unique sound. I have a Dj and a live band to help me out live. Three videos are ready for the songs. I produce and arrange everything. This music always works very good live and I am very secure on stage. I have touring experience. Check out my myspace page for more info.

Ib Odd's music styles have also been listed as soca, funk, coupe decale, zoblazo, and funan.

“Sprezzatura” by Ib Odd is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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