Thursday, September 19, 2013

Krazy Horse da One releases new LP, 'Sometimes they Comeback'


The rapper of experimental, hardcore hip-hop music known as Krazy Horse da One has released his latest LP record album, “Sometimes they Comeback.” The record is comprised of 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been released on the 101 Distribution music label.

“Sometimes they Comeback” is the most significant official release from Krazy Horse da One since his “Los Patos” EP, which was released and hit digital shelves in July of 2012, featuring five tracks over 13 minutes. Unlike most follow-up long-playing record albums, “Sometimes they Comeback” does not include tracks from the EP of the previous year, making the “Los Patos” album something for Krazy Horse da One fans to desire even if they have already been enjoying the larger and more recent “Sometimes they Comeback” record.

Krazy Horse da One raps about dark, often intellectual themes, and his musical accompaniment is likewise often shadowy and complex. His official website (link provided below) provides a glimpse into the mind of one of hip hop's most intriguing and mysterious rappers.

“I am also trying to put links or information to other websites you may enjoy,” writes Krazy Horse da One, “because knowledge is power and we must take advantage of our freedom, because whether or not you want to admit it, there is a conspiracy to oppress or sabotage free thought. Certain individuals are banding together for their own survival, or to ridicule and put down this natural phenomenon of music, hip-hop, and the Krazy Horse da Stallion, so this is for them, not money or fame, and for those of you who sold out and are selling obvious propaganda.”

These strong words from the Horse's mouth are punctuated by an even stronger final epithet:

“I don't know about you but I dont have to lie, fake, or deceive anyone – so may you get what you've got coming to you!”

“Sometimes they Comeback” by Krazy Horse da One is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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